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During a global pandemic, ensuring consistent team and partner communication can be a daunting task. Especially when your main task is to market your Covid-19 particle removing air filters.

We designed and developed a portal that internal staff and partners could log in to, ensuring that anyone around the world could be kept up to date with personalised marketing and comms. They could then access all up to date collateral and take part in training modules at home or on the go.

To further enhance the communication platform, we developed an asset portal so that partners have access to everything they need, wherever they are. 

Document Asset Manager

Our document asset manager solutions mean that all members of staff and external partners have access to the most up to date files.

Communication Portal 

Ensuring consistent communication ensures that everyone is up to date at all times. Notification settings allow internal and external personalisation. 

If you need help with consistent communication throughout your company, we have designed lots of way that we can ensure this can work for multiple needs. Get in touch via our contact page.